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1. the kinds of games/art/projects that when you propose them to a company, they would never make them.

2. the things that you are scared of making because you don’t think they would be successful.

3. the things that aren’t made unless somebody takes a chance.


as an artist, it is our duty to make the Nevermakes – if we don’t make them, who will?


make the Nevermakes


make the games that you wished you had when you were a kid


make games about angry teens in small towns


make games about angry queer teens in small towns


make games for angry teens in small towns


make games that let angry teens from small towns have a way to express their feelings and be able to live their lives despite being in such a shithole with nowhere to go but the escape into your world


make games that would make your mom go ‘I just don’t get it’


make the stories that scream at you and keep you up at night and demand to be heard


make something just for the sake of making something. even if you never show anyone, just keep it for yourself and know that you created it


make something that makes you feel something. anger. sadness. hunger. just feel.


make food when you get hungry because the only thing more important that life experience to fuel art is your food


make the things that you know you will never make any money on


make the things that are impossible and when you fail, get up and try and make them again


make the Nevermakes and never stop making the Nevermakes.


never let yourself feel ashamed about something you have created. always feel proud because you made it and there is something incredible about it and everybody deserves to have a voice


never stop dreaming


never let yourself get stuck –always keep on going no matter what


never forget that at the end of the day you are here and you are alive and there is always going to be something new to do


never think that you shouldn’t express yourself because you always have the right to say something and you always have the power of your opinion


never give up, never surrender


never think that somebody else will do it because if they don’t then nobody has done anything about it and we’re back at the start

never give up something that you love. always hold onto it, even if this isn’t the right time or project for it, there will be the moment for it to shine


never say that you’re bad or good at something, just let your work speak for itself


never feel guilty over what you’ve created. if it is bad or offensive, apologize for it. make amends. guilt changes nothing, acting does.


never stagnate


never make a game that is boring to you


never forget about the angry queer teens in small towns


Nevermake is the guide for the artist who wants to help others find their dreams. Nevermake is the voice that is being shushed, but was caught on a recording and has been sampled hundreds of times. Nevermake is the passion project that is shown to 5 people and kept on your desktop forever. Nevermake is the dream and we can make the nevermake.


The NeverMake Manifesto.pdf 25 kB


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Amazing! Inspiring! Thank you for writing this. I have a huge list of nevermakes I need to get to and reading this motivates me a lot.